How to create a WordPress Website with hostgator india

we’re gonna learn how to setup self hosted WordPress at hostgator india, so that you can make a blog or a website using the same amazing software that Time magazine Walt Disney and Moore are using hostgator has been our favorite web host.

We’ve trusted for almost a decade now, and they also have some of the web’s best Discounts on self hosted WordPress that you can take advantage of if you’re just starting out, so to get started

Hostgator india web page It’s the same great hosting product that I use in America But just on the Indian servers and potentially even better faster stronger

WordPress Website hostgator india

You get the web hosting in the upper left that we’re gonna go with you get cloud WordPress hosting which we don’t need this is like just more deluxe features that work in WordPress

But you don’t need this option it cost more reseller VPS dedicated so you get all the cool features that Hostgator is always offered and You get snappy, so they’re always here to help you.
If you’re this guy you make a website You’re not sure what to do with your pretty website and you’re looking a little bit sad. They’ll have your back and Most importantly right now.

hostgator india

Hostgator is new initiative to host things in India and just give people the best service locally that includes the localized India hosting local currency transactions like Amazon is doing now local payment gateways and Then the esses of speed security savings and support

So on and so forth, so you should read that if you have a moment One of the coolest things is that the hosting is localized geo hosting So that means they have more data centers

more data center than India means better servers and better load time, So your page is a little quick no matter where you are in India because they’re expanding to hopefully make a data center near you And that means that it’s 30 times less latency than Hosted in the US.

So as I thought it’s getting even stronger than what we got over here Now, let’s see how to use it

So Before we jump in a lot of people always ask me, you know is Hostgator just a budget web host You know are they just some budget service and the answer is yes, but that’s not a negative factor

The Hostgator is seriously been investing and doubling down in their quality of customer service their technology the uptime guarantee Technical support all that and they’ve been able to do that because they host way more domain names than the other guys

It’s something like 9 or 10 million or even more now So they have the capital to invest in better services and they can keep the prices low. You’re gonna get the same site that the major brands use like Forbes jay-z Beyonce Walt Disney all the big players use but at a fraction of the cost and when we make our website in the end We’ll see that there’s nothing budget about it

I also like to tell people I’ve worked with a lot of different web hosts over the years different You know cheap hosts or fancy hosts or whatever and a lot of times I wonder why they’re so confusing and it takes so long to get to the WordPress installation or find the domain names.

For example on these other hosts like green host or B5 hosting or hosting papa, whatever you want to call them and those aren’t real names I’m just not going to actually say the names here because I don’t want a bad But in holy Skeeter, I’ve never had any problems. There’s only a few buttons You need to click to get to the wordpress stuff install WordPress, and then you’re good to go

You just log in and blog and write content and post images and share them with family and do e-commerce Sell things and whatever you want. You’re good to go. So without further ado Let’s see what those few buttons are to get started and to make a website in India

So to start we can hover on web hosting and then we’re just going to click the Linux shared hosting So they use fancy words like cpanel PHP apache and more But all you need to know is that linux equals the most basic option for a wordpress? Ok.

hostgator india linux web hosting plans

the first thing we’re going to do in the powerful linux web hosting section is just choose the indian server location Alright, so once you select that you get to harness all the power of those local geo centers And then we’re going to come down

look at our four pillars here So we have starter hatchling baby and business and even though they recommend business I’m gonna go ahead and change that for us and say that we recommend Starter now.

Why is that? well obviously it’s the cheapest and we just want to get WordPress up and running so you can test it out and Create your own WordPress website to share with the world

starter plan, what do we get?

We get a single domain name, we get storage, we get transfer Email accounts, the most important thing to note Is that the starter plan lets you host one WordPress website and the single domain name

baby plan

whereas if you want to run Mini websites and mini domain names like a website for a family member Or maybe you have multiple businesses you want right now and you want to have like .com and other common org? Then you’re gonna want to go with the unlimited domains of the baby plan

hostgator india upgrade support

However, it’s really easy to upgrade you can just ask a live chat to do that anytime You just click on their sales chat button and get talking with them.

make or create a WordPress Website with hostgator india (8 steps) buy now (starter plan)

We just click buy now on starter and then we get prompted to select our domain name for our hosting plan All right, and if you have one already like if you already bought one from GoDaddy, for example, that’s just fine. You just click Yes and write it in in the next stage

2.register a new domain name

hostgator india register a new domain name

but for now we want to start a totally fresh website, So we’re gonna get a domain name from Hostgator. We’re just gonna click No, we don’t have a domain name

alright, so we’re just gonna stick with dot-com if we can because the most valuable if you ever want to sell your website

someday you’re Gonna want to have the dot-com to get the most dollars for your hard work All right, and we’re gonna uncheck the other stuff because we’re on a budget and click continue

All right now you’ll be taken to the domain selection screen We just need to confirm that we’re going to add to cart’ our domain name at the top right here

just click on this green cart right there Alright and if you didn’t get the domain name you want if it’s not available we’ll just go ahead and search and try again, we’ll check out now.

3.order summary

so here we are in our Hostgator order summary and Now it’s really important just to get the terms right the duration that is duration term same thing and So I always like getting the domain name for one year because that’s the lowest possible Option and we don’t get a discount for getting the domain name pretty longer All right, and that’s cool.

And then we’re gonna get the privacy protect option which is your contact information by enabling privacy protect now that just means that when people look at your domain name that They won’t be able to see your like private information like your name and your phone number and stuff

So if you are worried about that, then you can pay for this I generally trust people I think people are pretty honest, and I’m not too worried.

So I’d rather just Keep that money in my pocket. So I’m gonna charge that Okay, perfect And then next we have the single domain name Linux hosting. That’s the hosting we need and that’s exactly what we want All right.

So our domain name is our address on the web. Our hosting is like a plot of land Combined that these two things are a match made in heaven and they’re the perfect foundation for a new website
All right, but we don’t know if we want our website for five years We might just want it for one year or one month.


For example So just to explain the numbers and the pricing you’ll see here for you if you choose five years that’s going to be 299 rupees times twelve times Five.

All right, so twelve months five years and that number will get you to the seventeen nine forty number All right, but we’re gonna have a discount option below which is gonna drop it to whatever number you see right here Which is not crossed out.

So this number the $2.99 is the original cost Which becomes 17 940 and that gets crossed out and reduced based on whatever you have in your discount section Right here. Okay.

So now we need to maximize our discount So at five years we get 50% off shared and WordPress hosting or just getting shared hosting so that discount applies, but what if we choose the one year duration and What happens is that as far as our discount?

So if we do that option then we’re gonna see that the coupon which says up to 50% off on trading resisting is Actually only worth 20% because the original price is three thousand five hundred and eighty eight rupees and the new price becomes Two thousand eight hundred and seventy eight point four rupees.

All right, and if you do the math on that you can see that the Total that we pay the twenty eight seven point four Divided by three five eight Is going to be exactly eighty percent which means that we would get 20 percent off for the one year duration Instead of 50% off for the five year duration

All right, so it’s fun to illustrate a point to you that if you register a longer duration You’ll get a better value and more savings.

That’s why I like doing at least one year of hosting Instead of the six month or three months or so on and so forth however if you really find yourself on a tight budget then getting one month of hosting and wordpress is Way better than not getting it at all.

So that would be good as well So it is totally up to you If you’re the kind of person that likes getting a discount no matter what then the one year option I think is gonna feel good

But if you want to just spend the least amount of money possible today Then you can go with a lesser months like one month. That’s perfectly satisfactory. We can try out WordPress I think you’ll love it. And that’s in fact the plan that we’re gonna go with today All right.

5.create an account

hostgator india create an account

Now we’re just going to click continue And now it’s time to just create an account All right, so it’s gonna ask us if we have on but we don’t so we’re just gonna want to click create an account All right, this ports super easy just go ahead and pop in your full name and your address here

6.payment options

So we’re gonna choose how to pay for a new account. You can see Hostgator is very accommodating They want you to host in India and they try to give you the most convenient options of any where online

So that you can get this done well easily whatever you do your banking so I very much like the PayPal Express Checkout And I’m gonna try that option all Right, but you know up to you and we’re gonna click agree, so by the way if you had a credit card you could do this option number two Which is net banking debit card credit card, very cool. And now we’re just gonna click pay now

got the notification Beautiful congratulations it says thank you your payment was successful. And when you see this screen, it means it’s time to check your email click verify email address.

All right So that’s pretty easy. We can just click on the verify email address button Alright verified successful. Thank you and then at the very top of the list of hostgator emails

7.cPanel login

hostgator cPanel login

So there’s a URL with the IP, There’s a URL with the cPanel link and a URL with the long link and they apparently do the same thing We’re gonna click on a longer one them Alright and so this will take us to our cPanel So for now we want to be in cPanel and that’s because they’ve given us a nice Username and a password

8.install wordpress

hostgator softaculous install wordpress

softaculous apps installer section. So just click on WordPress Okay, so now on the WordPress screen you can read some details about what WordPress is But right now we’re sure we want to use it All right And there’s a lot of buttons you might click but the easiest option to install the entire version of WordPress org Is just to click on the drop down arrow up here and click quick install

So let’s do it Now on this screen you’re gonna see software setup So the steps you need to do are pretty simple, but you can get a little confused if you don’t know what to do So I’ll walk you through all of them Of course just make sure you have your domain name selected here

Next in the directory box. You want to delete what’s here any words that are here? just get rid of them and make sure this is completely blank that makes sure that WordPress is installed on your domain name and Not on some longer version of your domain name

which would make it harder for people to find alright, so once you’ve deleted that box come down to your admin account and It been user name should just be whatever you want.

We can change that from admin to Usually just first name is good. Or maybe you have some online alias This is what WordPress will show as like blog post by this person or page created by this person So make it professional, you know, don’t make it your old AOL Instant Messenger

last but not least in admin email just pop in your email of choice because you want The WordPress login details emailed there and all the important information so you can save it

then where it says select plugins This is just an option to auto install this one plug-in, but we don’t really want it.

So we’re all done on this screen I’m just gonna copy your email address and put it in the lower box to so that the installation deep details definitely get emailed to us and Once your screen looks like mine except for with your information in there Should be good to go.

Just come down and click on the blue install button And this is where you have to know all sorts of code PHP Java HTML syntax Python Just kidding. You don’t need to know any code because we’re doing the famous one-click installation. All right, if you’re ready, let’s do it

All right, my friends congratulations wordpress was installed successfully

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