How to Set Up and Change Domain Name on SiteGround

Learn about How to Set Up and Change Domain Name on SiteGround. As well as SiteGround Hosting Plans. SiteGround was founded in 2004 but in recent years its popularity has tripled.

At first glance all sounds good: fast websites, reliable service 24-hour support and affordable prices, at least in the first year. But let’s check under the hood to see if all this is actually true.

The first thing you’ll notice is its cheap prices but be aware that these are only for the first term. Once you renew you’ll be charged the full amount the prices in small print. As you can see you’ll need some budget if you sign up to SiteGround especially after Renewal.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

SiteGround Hosting has 3 Plans all with Unlimited Bandwidth.

The StartUp tier is suitable for smaller 1-site projects that don’t need more than 10 GB of storage and are cool with paying extra for advanced backup options.

The GrowBig package allows you to host multiple sites and gives you access to a faster server. On-demand backup and restores are included in the price. It also comes with staging areas for WordPress Finally.

The GoGeek plan is suitable for larger sites that need higher performance pre-installed Git repositories and faster support.

Set Up Domain Name on SiteGround

SiteGround Domain - add new site

Step 1: First Step is just to Login SiteGround click on add new site or you can do a new web site.

SiteGround Domain - New Domain

Step 2: Next hit selects under New Domain and we’re going to type in our new domain name which is basically going to search the entire internet to see if that’s available.

So, we want to click Add and then continue on this screen that we can skip and just create an empty site so our domain name would be a blank white screen essentially or we can choose to set up a new site or maybe move something to this domain name.

We already know we want to use WordPress in the future so we’ll click select under start new website and then of course choose WordPress select. Now just pop in your email address that you want to receive your new WordPress credentials at and then type in a good password.

Step 3: So as you can see SiteGround Domain Name Registrar is really user friendly a lot of people just don’t know about it if you don’t get Domain Privacy when you Register your Domain you can start getting spam and all sorts of crazy inquiries from different businesses so to protect ourselves from that let’s add Domain Privacy.

Step 4: So next pay by Entering Credit Card or Debit Card check the billing address same as contact address box and next check confirm that have read and agreed to their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy go ahead and glance at those if you feel like it and now, we can click pay now.

So as SiteGround is creating your site I should note I really like SiteGround because at Other Web Hosting’s it can take 24 hours or even up to 3 days to get your site working but it’s icon, they’ll set you up instantly ok.

Change Domain Name on SiteGround

SiteGround Domain - Change Domain Name

Sad to say the Domain cannot be altered You may just replace it with a different Domain.

Let’s start first you want to get a Login on the SiteGround and then just click websites in websites you’re going to see like your website details right side now and what do you want to do you just click these three dots here and then just Click Change Primary Domain.