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Security and Backups




Pressidium is a new name. They are based on a London United Kingdom. They have only been around since 2013. It is not an extremely long period of time when you compare it to other competitors. Pressidium is an awesome web hosting provider. I mean, they provide you everything that you need at top notch technology and plays with security.


Pressidium WordPress Hosting

Now, the awesome benefit of Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting, if you do not really know that has over united has over shared web hosting been that typically with shared web hosting. thousands upon thousands of people share one server and we shared hosting just to help you to really appreciate what you are getting with Pressidium with Shared Hosting itself.

You know, you get slower page loads, you get slower customer service. Just a lot of you know cons that come with using shared hosting not all shared web hosting is bad, but the vast majority do not perform as well as manage WordPress hosting itself.

So, it is less people on the servers, which contributes to way faster speeds, faster customer service as individualize and that is one of the things that you guys will appreciate with Pressidium was Managed WordPress Hosting with their plans itself across the board.


Presidium has a $42 per month plan, which gives you 3 WordPress installs and $125 per month plan which gives you 10 WordPress site installs. And so of course it is a little bit more expensive, but it is well worth the buck.


Pressidium is a super reliable, premium WordPress Hosting partner. What that means is that they just specialize in fast page loads deliverability with their servers itself, they have state of the art infrastructure, and good caching platforms in place again, to help with speed. which in general, is known for its speed I mean, I have CDN is free CDN ends free SSL certificates, a lot of amazing features.


You get a statistics dashboard from Pressidium., which tells you about all your stats, everything that is going on your visitors and everything.

Security and Backups

You get automatic backups, which is necessary. You just never know, you know, websites, it is always good to have an exact copy of your website. In the event, something goes down or somebody tries to hack your website or malware, they have great security in place to block these things. But it is always great to know that you do get automated, or automatic backups of your website itself.

You have a bad bot filtering. So, you know, we all know that websites, you know, it comments, you know, and things like that spam, they have a really nice spam blocker in place to block completely spam and malware that may try to you know, take over your website itself.


You get a specific amount of website traffic that you are playing a be a lot for so in this case with the micro, it handles up to 10,000 website visitors each month.

Personal plan allows you to host three websites and is ideal for 30,000 visits per month. You are getting 10 gigabytes of storage with that.

Professional handles up to 100,000 visitors per month. Business handle up to 500,000 visitors on this platform itself.


Okay, guys, so before we get into The Results of The Speed Test, I want to talk to you about how I conducted the tests to begin with. So, the first thing I did was I did some research and found out where the global data center locations are for the Pressidium Hosting provider.

And I found out that London was a common data center location. So, what I did was I set up two identical WordPress websites, each with a single 1500-word blog post, and three images on the two respective data centers in London.

I then set up a test client in Paris and proceeded to run a series of 100. Back to Back Page Speed tests to each of the respective data centers back in London.

One less thing to mention here is that there were no optimizations applied except for the default server level caching that each one of these hosting providers gives you.

Other than that, there were no optimizations or plugins. And each one of these WordPress websites were running WordPress, version five dot four and PHP version seven dot three.

So, with that said, let us look at some of The Pressidium Speed Test Results.

1. Pressidium Speed Test – Paris to London

Pressidium Review: 1. Pressidium Speed Test - Paris to London

1.1 Pressidium Speed Test Results – Paris to London

  • Server Response Time 12-millisecond.
  • Time to First Paint (Metric) 402 milliseconds.
  • Page Load Time 505 milliseconds.

2. Pressidium Speed Test – New York to London

Pressidium Review: 2. Pressidium Speed Test - New York to London

I ended up moving the test server from Paris over to New York. So, we moved outside of Europe to the United States, and ran the same set of 100 Page Speed tests, again, to each of the respective data centers back in London.

2.1 Pressidium Speed Test Results – New York to London

  • Server Response Time 75 milliseconds.
  • Time to First Paint (Metric) 670 milliseconds.
  • Page Load Time 100 Page Speed tests 856 milliseconds.

I think Pressidium is slightly faster. I do not know if it is significant enough to say that it is a better WordPress host.

Customer Service

Pressidium really nice to know also about the customer service, they have 24 seven, customer service, email, phone, you can submit your tickets, if you have any problems.

Money Back Guarantee

Pressidium is that they gave you a 60-day money back guarantee. Most web hosting providers, you know, online only give you 30 days, but they offer you 60 days money back guarantee.


That way you guys can get started today with Pressidium and start creating your manage WordPress Website today.