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MochaHost Reviews, We’re going to be explain about the Plans, Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons that come with the MochaHost Web Hosting. MochaHost was launched in 2002, with affordable yet flexible hosting plans as its guiding star. Since then, the company has gone on to become a top choice for users that want budget friendly prices but are unwilling to compromise on hosting features.

Our Mochahost Reviews revealed that the company’s comprehensive plans give you a lot of value for the cost of subscription. It’s not only developers that have a lot to gain from Mochahost featureful plans. Beginners are also given a lot of tools to help settle into web hosting with ease. With a rare 100% uptime guarantee and super fast load times.

Plans and Pricing

If you’re getting started with your very first website, most people tend to lean more to like shared web hosting being that it’s cheaper than the other options that web hosting companies offer. If that’s the case, MochaHost Hosting has 3 tiers that you can choose from Soho, Business, and Mocha Plays itself that range from $1.95, up to $5.59 MochaHost Special Discounts.

These prices in general, when comparing them to local wholesale competitors are very inexpensive, very affordable. And they do provide enough in the way of value for what you’re getting. But there’s some things that I wanted to highlight with their web hosting a little bit later on that you should know before you get started with them.

If you’re getting, if you want to just create one website, your business owner, entrepreneur, and you just need to create one website, then the Soho plan is probably best for you. But if you’re an affiliate marketer or somebody in network marketing, or just somebody who needs to create unlimited websites, multiple websites, then either the business or the mocha plan would probably be best for you.

I think when it comes to web hosting itself, you should think first about your personal needs, not what I think you need or what other online marketers think you need, I think that you should consider what is it that you need for your personal web hosting needs. And just select either one or two, three plans that you feel will be best for you.


The awesome thing about Mochahost that you’ll find with most web hosting companies is that they do offer different CMS platforms. WordPress, obviously is the most common or most widely used today with creating websites. So once you get started with them with your cPanel, you’ll be to create your very own website with WordPress, and have it up and ready. So they have a lot of nice features, web website, building tools and things of that nature that you can use for marketing, as well to get your website off to a good start, guys.

There are a lot of things going for mochahost beginners can do well for themselves with a company’s website builder and unlimited email accounts. Clear explanations of each plans features on the mocha host website are complemented by the company’s expansive knowledge base, which provides easy to follow instructions for both billing and technical issues.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention mochahost developer pack which addresses the majority of the advanced tools we look for in a hosting provider, and intuitive PHP selector tool gives you a choice of six PHP versions to configure, manage and adapt your PHP extensions and applications.

Some Benefits Through MochaHost:

MochaHost Features List

1. Money Back Guarantee

Mochahost does have a money back guarantee 180 day risk free trial that they allow you to have this is longer than. Any other web hosting company that I’ve seen, most web hosting companies give a 30 day money back guarantee, which is you know, pretty standard. There’s some that give like, like, for example, Hostgator gets 45 days, thinking of some others like presidium give 60 days in motion hosting gives 90 days and even Dreamhost goes up to 97 days.

So most web hosting companies don’t extend this long. So 181 hundred and 80 days is an extremely long amount of time to really try out web hosting services. So that’s something very positive about Mochahost.

2. You Get A Free Domain And SSL

MochaHost Reviews Free Domain

Something else that I wanted to mention briefly, as you review these packages is that you get a free domain for life, which is great. Most web hosting companies will give you a free domain for the first year.

And they may not spell it out, you know, blatantly but with mochahost, you get a free domain for life, which is great. You get free SSL, which are extremely important.

Obviously, if you’re going to be selling products online, you need to have a SSL, that’s what Google requires. If not, they’ll mark your website on secure so mochahost is giving you those free with the web hosting packages here. And that’s another positive thing that I wanted to mention.

3. Free Migration

If you are wanting to migrate your website, from your current host, maybe with another host that you’ve been with for a while, maybe you’ve been experiencing problems and you Thinking about migrating or moving your site away from them. They do have a free Migration Service that you can use, you know, once you get set up with them.

4. Uptime

MochaHost Reviews Uptime

Mochahost boast 100% uptime. I think that 100% all the time is probably incorrect. I’ll say that, honestly, because I deal with several web hosting companies. And what I can say is that all web hosting companies, no matter who they are, experienced some downtime. During the month, some a program is specifically for a specific day.

So they can service you know, MochaHost Cloud Web Hosting Servers, you know, they monitored them already 24, seven, but most web hosting companies do service their servers once a month, that may last maybe an hour, your website, maybe down an hour, maybe two hours. So the 100% uptime.

Pros and Cons


  1. Enjoy a lifetime discount that lets you renew your plan at the initial price you paid or for less.
  2. Keep your website running consistently. Thanks to mocha hosts never reboot protection.
  3. Hit the web hosting ground running with a free website builder and free website transfer help.
  4. Get the help you need quickly from mochahost tech experts fire 24 seven live chat ticketing and phone callbacks.
  5. Protect your website with 24 seven network monitoring raid 10 firewall and malware protection.
  6. Take mochahost out for a test drive with a 180 day risk free Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your plan, you get the remaining months payments refunded.
  7. Fastload speeds to move up the Google SEO ranks and expand conversions.


  1. The wide selection of mocha hosting plans can be confusing for newcomers.
  2. While the company’s core prices are very low. for customers that require add ons, the costs can accumulate.
  3. MochaHost basic plans are really meant for light traffic. If your traffic starts to pick up, you’ll have to scale to a costlier plan.

MochaHost Support

One thing that I wanted to mention is customer service. Customer service is extremely important when you get started with any web hosting company. And so how is mocha host is web, their their customer service or customer support in general, you need to know this because any event you have any issues or problems, which all people do experience for web hosting companies, it could be something simple, or more in depth, what better thing to have, then good customer service.


On the whole, we were impressed with how well mochahost has balanced its affordability with featureful packages. Beginners have access to the types of tools and support that make the initial plunge into web hosting less daunting. Developers are also home safe with features like support for various programming languages and my sequel extensions.

The name of the mochahost game is choice and the fact that you can have three tiers to choose from within each plan, as well as choices between Linux and Windows servers and a variety of servers optimized for different popular platforms really sealed the deal for us.

With mochahost, you do get what you pay for. And it’s important to scroll through your plan to ensure you’re signed up for the features you really wanted. That said, mochahost is constantly innovating to deliver better consistency, speed, support and safety for your website, which is something that strongly resonated with us.