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We shall do a review about interserver hosting, inter server has built a reputation for reliability and performance over its 20-year career. Interserver was among the best web hosting companies in 2019, offering transparent pricing, plenty of features, cheap web hosting plans.

And were just an overall good customer focused company with plenty of awesome business practices. The interserver hosting company offers a variety of plans shared hosting, Cloud Virtual Private Servers, and dedicated servers.

Most website hosting companies today are very competitive in terms of pricing features and different types of plans. While interserver does not bring any new products to the table, they are worth a look for they are very inexpensive products which employ quite a bit of proprietary technology.

Few Words From Interserver

Interserver: Although technology has changed from the time, we started in 1999, our core principles of quality, service and support have remained the same.

Interserver company has evolved its product offering to include shared hosting cloud hosting quick servers and dedicated servers along with collocation services to continue to exceed customers’ expectations and remain best in class. Interserver has made quite a huge update in 2020, both to the visual brand and the way they conduct business. So, here is everything you need to know before you buy interserver in 2020.

The way in the server used to work is that they had one plan, it was $5. And that is it. You pay $5 each month, and you get absolutely everything you need for your website.

Simple, the price would not increase with time, there were no sneaky complicated pricing schemes, and a billion different options to choose from. But then someone at interserver was like, you know what, this is what makes us great. Therefore, our users love us. And this is how we can stand out from other web hosting companies.

Let us change absolutely everything about that and do exactly as other companies are doing. And I hate when marketing people do this. And I can almost guarantee that interserver did hire someone new and he was like, okay, with everything you are doing, we are going to do it like this. Now, let me explain.


These, the simple plan, and pricing structure was changed to a more standard model that you might see other web hosting companies use, instead of just one plan. Now you have three, the standard boost two and boost for all with different price points.

The no price increase feature of interserver is now gone as well. Kind of. You see the cheapest plan, which is $5 will now renew at $7 after your initial subscription expires.

But the boost to and boost for plans do not increase in price, you will always pay the exact same amount which is $10 or $20 a month based on which plan you chose.

And then there is the price lock guarantee. Which basically means if these plans go up in price in the future, your account will not be charged at the new price.

And why is this important? Well, recently, providers like site ground just wanted to double their prices. And this affected not only new users, but existing users as well.

And imagine paying $10 for your hosting services 43 a year and then having to pay $20 because well site ground wanted to double the prices. Well, this will not happen with interserver and their price lock guarantee.

Even though inter server has changed a bit, they are still offering quite cheap web hosting plans when compared to other web hosting companies.

Interserver Review - Pricing

For example, if we would compare the prices for one year of unlimited web hosting, here’s how we would look into the server would initially cost you $54 and renew at $84 Bluehost would initially cost you $90 and renew at $156 and site ground would initially cost you $120 and renew at a staggering $300.

And even though interserver offers cheap web hosting, they do not lack any features that you might need. Now. Even with the cheapest $5 plan. You get unlimited SSD storage space for your files, unlimited professional email accounts, unlimited number of visitors a month and a free SSL certificate.

Yes, interserver overcomplicated the hell out of their web hosting service with this new update. Instead of one price one plan, no price increases. Now they have three plans with different pricing models. Some of them increase in price, some of them do not.

But in general, they are still offering cheap web hosting that performs good. You can get monthly or yearly plans for a fraction of the cost of what you pay with other web hosting providers for spectacular performance.


I have wanted to test out Interserver speeds by setting up a few real-world scenarios. For this, I bought Interserver Standard Web Hosting (65% OFF) for $5 a month, I have created a WordPress website using their automatic WordPress installer, then I have added some design elements to it and made it into something that could pass for a website.

Interserver Review - Performance

Once I have this website created, I have tested the performance using gtmetrix. Without absolutely any optimizations. My website loaded in 1.3 seconds. And the time to first byte was just 0.4 seconds.

But is that fast? Yes, that is really, fast. That is close to what other providers are offering with their 15, 20 or $25 plans.

Less than half a second for the server to respond is not surprising from interserver.

Because they have their own data centers, they have their own infrastructure, having their own data centers allows inter server to only use a 50% capacity on each server instead of overloading each one with users to be as cost effective as possible.

This ensures that you as the user are getting a faster and more stable service and talking about stability. I have been monitoring inter server for the past half a year.

And in the last six months, my interserver website was offline for only one-hour scoring interest over a 99-point 98% uptime.

Interserver Review - Performance Report Stress Tests

I have also wanted to see how many monthly users the interserver cheapest plan can handle. So, I ran some stress tests. And they found out that with around 50 users at the same time, my website slowed down considerably.

The green line is users being added over time, the blue line is how fast the server can respond. Ideally, you want the blue line to be as flat as possible. But as you can see here, it jumps all over the place.

What does all these tests mean for you as a user?

Well, one, you will have a cheap and fast website that will not go down a lot. After all, it was offline for just one hour in six months. But you will not be able to handle that many unique monthly visitors with the cheapest plan, at least, you should be able to handle around 15,000 if you want to more than that you will have to upgrade.

And that makes complete sense. After all, they split up the one plan into three different tiers. So, the one for the more visitor heavy websites to upgrade to their more expensive plans so that not everyone is sitting on the $5 a month plan.


While interserver is working on changing their pricing plans and the business structure, I would instead wish they would work on changing their interface. As it stands. Now, this feels like the biggest downside.

It is hard and clunky to navigate and just looks outdated in general. But it is not very bad.

Most of the work is done using a regular cPanel interface that you are probably used to seeing if you are used web hosting services in the past.

Is this a big deal? Not necessarily. After all, you will probably spend around 90 to 95% of your time either looking at cPanel or the WordPress dashboard, you will rarely see it the inter server interface.

But if you want to update your name servers or manage additional web hosting plans, it might get annoying, I still have hopes that they will update the interface in the future since they are going some significant changes now at least.

The other downside is that you do not get a domain name included with your plan.

That means you will need to buy that separately. And you can buy it from inter server and it is going to cost you around $8 per year. While not being a major deal, I just wish they would include the domain name together with the plans to make it a bit easier for new customers.


I am happy that they did not go full on read route and still offer their interserver features for free with every single plan. And this what makes interserver stand out from other web hosting companies, at least in these similar price range.

1. Inter Insurance

Interserver Review Features - 1. Inter Insurance

The first one is inter insurance. If at any point your website gets messed up, hacked, or ruined in any other way. inter server promises to investigate, restore, and even prevent further harm to your compromised website.

And this is cool because it even works with websites that you have hosted with other web hosting providers.

Interserver engineers will move all the files from another web hosting provider to their servers, they will investigate the issue and try to fix it for you. Of course, this mostly only works with WordPress websites.

2. Inter Proxy Caching Cloudflare

Interserver Review Features - 2. Inter Proxy Caching Cloudflare

The next feature is inter proxy caching.

It is quite a complicated technical aspect. But to put it in simple words, every time a user wants to visit your site, instead of looking for the files through the entire database, the server already has a save of your website ready.

And that just shows the user that save, eliminating the loading time. This makes your website faster, basically.

3. Intershield Security

Interserver Review Features - 3. Intershield Security

And finally, we have the intershield security measures.

This is not something that you can directly turn on or off, it is applied to absolutely every single server. But it basically acts to stop attacks, learning from previously infected websites on the same network.

And this basically summarizes why I love interserver as a web hosting company, these add ons could easily be paid ones for an extra $5 or $7 a month.

But interserver just gives them out for free without you having to jump through a bunch of hoops to redeem them, or any of the upselling nonsense.

4. Interserver Hosting

Interserver Web Hosting, there is standard hosting which is enough if you are looking to host your blog or business website.

It includes unlimited ultra-SSD storage free website migration free SSL 30 days money guarantee lock price site pad Website Builder available globally unlimited email accounts inter shield protection, and 450 plus cloud apps to choose from.

Two pro hosting with this product you can host many websites together for yourself and your customers to all other benefits are included starting at $5 monthly cost. If you choose to register a domain name with them, it is only $1 and 99 cents annually.

5. Interserver VPS

Interserver Review Features - 5. Interserver VPS

You are in total control of selected resources interserver uses a VPS Control Panel called breadbasket that appears to be proprietary which in turn allows you to make selection of what they call slice. You can purchase as many slices as you wish with each one being equal to 25GB space 1024 Mb memory and 1TB transfer and prices starting at $6. For open source plans.

You can pay month to month or enjoy a 10% discount by paying for a year’s worth of VPS hosting upfront. Anytime you wish to upgrade your account, it is easy to add other slides through your customer portal. If you search for Interserver VPS review you will find a lot of many happy customers’ feedback


ASP.NET some businesses prefer windows hosting and interserver features and that comes with unlimited data transfer. weekly backup unlimited storage space speed optimization, unlimited FTP accounts, cloud apps. All these and more at an incredible low startup cost of $5. By the way went into server says unlimited storage they mean it.

Customer Service

Interserver has a dedicated customer service team which is very helpful. When I was setting up my website. I got confused by the dashboard. I contacted the customer service through the chat service and within minutes I got a response from him through the email. So, in case you have an issue, send a text through the chat box and they will get back to you immediately or soon as through your email.

Is InterServer hosting good?

My answer is yes, I have experienced great service speed and uptime is great. I pay less to host my site with interserver as compared to other hosting companies for the same service.

Is InterServer a VPS web hosting?

Another service offered InterServer VPS cloud, VPS hosting comes in both Linux and Windows options.


Even with the recent changes, I cannot fault interserver too much, I did feel that they were offering too much for the price that they were asking me to dollar increase in price is something I can deal with considering all the extra features and the great performance that they are offering. And I think that they have said it best themselves interserver is an honest company trying to keep a fair approach and put customers first, not the bottom line.