How To Install WordPress On HostGator (With 1 Click)

How To Install WordPress On HostGator I will explain to You. You can follow the same method for a Different Hosting Providers which uses cPanel.

Install WordPress On HostGator

Install WordPress HostGator cPanel - QuickInstall

Step 1: Go to your HostGator Hosting Dashboard and try to type QuickInstall in the search field. The benefit of using QuickInstall is that you don’t need to create the database and the user separately it automatically creates the database user and link it to your WordPress website. Click on it and then wait for the page to Redirect.

Install WordPress HostGator

Step 2: Now go to WordPress and select your domain leave the directory field empty and click Next. Now enter your blog title here and then admin user, your first name and your last name. add to your email address and then accept terms of condition and click Install. Now wait for the installation to complete. It’s gonna take less than a minute I guess. Okay, installation completed.

Install WordPress HostGator - View My Installs

Step 3: Now click on View My Installs and your log in details and your password are already been sent to your email address. Now click on admin log in and it’s gonna Redirect you to your login page. Now enter your username and type your password. Click log in and it’s going to take you to your WordPress Dashboard Page.

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