How to Install WordPress on DigitalOcean (With 1 Click)

How to Install WordPress Website on DigitalOcean droplet with the one click up this is an application to install WordPress easily and also install the free SSL certificate.

Install WordPress on DigitalOcean

Install WordPress on DigitalOcean - Choose an image

The first step is to create an account in DigitalOcean if you have an account yet you can create one once the account is created we go to create and then droplet here we select marketplace and WordPress.

Install WordPress on DigitalOcean - Choose a plan

This will be the one-click application that we will install the plan is up to you for we will choose the $5 per month.

Install WordPress on DigitalOcean - Choose a datacenter

You can select block storage if you want additional space the datacenter is the physical place where the droplet is going to be installed any notification.

Install WordPress on DigitalOcean - Authentication

We select one-time password we scroll down and create the droplet now.

Install WordPress on DigitalOcean - DigitalOcean Nameservers in Namecheap

In this we are using Namecheap. The add DigitalOcean Nameservers in Namecheap Click on Change under Name Servers this process can take up to 48 hours now.

DigitalOcean Nameservers:

Install WordPress on DigitalOcean - Create new record

Next droplet select a domain and write your domain then we have to add a CNAME Records so in the HOSTNAME will write www and @ IS AN ALIAS OF.

CNAME Records:

  • HOSTNAME: www
Install WordPress on DigitalOcean - WordPress General Settings change HTTP to HTTPS

Next go to WordPress Admin Login and WordPress General Settings change HTTP to HTTPS.

Install Free SSL Certificate

Establishing an Free SSL certificate allows HTTPS online server which simplifies the traffic between the host and the clients connecting to it DigitalOcean pre installs a instrument named Certbot from the one click WordPress set up droplet. We will now look at how to configure Certbot from DigitalOcean to include HTTPS to a WordPress website.

Login into your DigitalOcean droplet console through SSH and execute the following command:

certbot --apache -d -d

Subdomain following command:

certbot --apache -d