how to create digitalocean vps [simple steps]

digitalocean is the best web hosting company in the world, learn about how to create digitalocean vps your own website, How to connect your digitalocean vps.

how to create digitalocean vps [simple steps]

Create Digitalocean vps follow these simple steps.

1.sign up

digitalocean vps Free credit notification

Digitalocean vps my referral link for the and you just sign up using that and you will get this hundred dollar credit($100), if you do not use the referral link, you will not get this credit.

2.add a payment method

digitalocean vps sign up Free credit

once you see this page click on this option and here you will see have to sign up so if there are three options available, sign up with email, sign up with google sign up with github.

also you can see you will receive hundred dollar credit good for 60 days when you create a new account on digital ocean, so enter your name here, just fill this details and then click on sign up.

digitalocean billing add a payment method

now the you will see this option welcome to digitalocean and confirm your email and check your email was confirmed and you have been referred to digital ocean, setup billing add a payment method will be applied after you update your set up the payment method, you will get the hundred dollar credit.

3.create droplet

digitalocean create a new droplet

once the payment verification process is complete, create a digitalocean vps you can just click droplet.

digitalocean vps Choose an image

now choose operating system, I want to use what Linux distribution I want to use and today we’re going to use Debian and I’m actually going to use the latest version of Debian so we’re going to use version 10

4.choose a plan

digitalocean vps choose a plan

choose what kind of power we want I will be using a very simple we’re gonna create a very simple server today, I think this one will do for for my purpose then you can select where you want your server to be, so my server that’s going to have 5$

5.choose a datacenter

digitalocean vps choose datacenter

I can choose where I want the server to be and I’m probably gonna go with Frankfurt because it is pretty close to my area then I can select additional options

digitalocean vps additional options

additional options here I’m not going to select anything here at the moment I can also add SSH key or a one-time password actually let’s do SSH key, so I’m going to add my SSH key online from my computer in here, now you can if you do press the one-time password here you’re going to get the password to your email.

7.finalize and create

digitalocean vps finalize and create

finalize and create how many droplets, I want one droplet and now you can name your droplet here. enable backups this will add an additional price to your cost here but ok, create droplet

so now digitalocean is setting up new droplet and you’ll get nice loading bar here cool so droplet is done and when, it’s completed digital ocean will show you the IP address here so can simply click to copy so the IP address.

How to connect your digitalocean vps (PuttY)

process is completed they will send you a mail with user root user and the password

Step 1

connect to a droplet on Windows system we need something called PuttY, now Download PuttY.

Step 2

digitalocean vps IP address PuttY

you can fill in the host name that is basically the IP address and port number remains the same ok go back to your digitalocean droplet and say code IP address copy paste the same on your SSH config.

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