Hostinger Review Pros & Cons [90% OFF Coupon Code]

hostinger review or reviews and promo coupon code. how it compares with other hosting sites and whether it’s a good fit for you or your business. So tell me, is your business size small, medium, or xl? Just kidding.

Hostinger Review
  • Performance
  • Pricing
  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • Customer Support
  • Interface & Ease Of Use
  • Cpanel [Hpanel]

Hostinger Review

What I do want to know, though, is whether or not. hostinger is the right fit for you and your website, but that’s something you have to determine.

1. Performance

hostinger performance review reviews coupon promo code

A review wouldn’t be a review if I didn’t show you the performance side of things. For this hostinger review, I want to do three separate tests: speed, stability, and the ability to handle stress.

Since I don’t have like 50 or 100 people ready at standby to crash my website, I’m going to use virtual users, so I’ve quickly made a website. It has plenty of text buttons, pictures video. Everything you would expect from an actual website. So this will give us more accurate test results.

hostinger GT metrics

I’ve used a GT metrics, and the test website loaded in 1.9 seconds, which is a good result. Keep in mind that I am using the premium plan here for the test to have an excellent middle point between the starter and the more expensive plans that Hostgator offers. So your mileage will vary.

And obviously, I understand that if you don’t deal with web hosting every single day, these figures are meaningless to you. But to put it into perspective, other speed-focused web hosting companies like a do hosting or siteground also have high-speed technology loaded on the same website at the same actual speed using plans that cost three times as much. So for the same performance, you’re paying three times less.

2. Pricing

hostinger pricing review reviews coupon promo code

Pricing you’re an expert on hosting’s back end now right good. Now we can move on to hostinger pricing plans.

We’ll start with the platform’s shared hosting options, ranging in price from 99 cents a month to 3.99 us dollars per month. Each server is given a specific amount of space and a particular number of resources.

Next up are hostinger VPS hosting plans. hostinger says that these plans are 30 times more potent than other VPS options available. Prices range from 3.95 us per month to 29.95 USD per month, depending on how many CPUs you want.

Last up for hostinger are its wordpress hosting plans. Blogs, e-commerce sites, and digital portfolios are all great examples of sites powered by wordpress.

hostinger’s wordpress sites range in price from and two dollars fifteen cents u.s per month to fourteen dollars and ninety-five cents u.s per month, which is based on how many websites you want to host with hostinger.

hostinger price chart comparing other major web hosting providers

hostinger They are by far the cheapest web hosting provider out there with plans starting in under $1. So for a four-year web hosting plan, you’ll only need to pay $43. Here’s a chart comparing this to other major web hosting providers and their cheapest plan.

3. Uptime

hostinger uptime review reviews coupon promo code

Uptime, even if a hosting provider has the most well-built user-friendly backend on the market. It’s worthless if it can’t keep user websites online; think about it what good is the control panel doing you and traffic coming into your site is continually getting a message that it’s offline.

It’s like a red traffic signal, and you can’t get out of the jam; that’s why having a reliable hosting provider is critical. hostinger has shown itself to be reliable, boasting an average of 99.40 percent uptime.

As a result, you have peace of mind that your site will be available to your customers almost all the time. Keep in mind that you’re not going to find a hostinger site that provides 100 uptime. So 99.40 percent is pretty darn good.

Maintenance must be performed, and unexpected outages occur, so it’s nearly impossible for a provider’s service always to be online and available. I think of it this way. I need my car to get to where I need to go, but it requires maintenance.

When the tires get rotated, or the oil is changed, I can’t use my car. Those are things I can live with because I know ahead of time what to expect. The same can be said about hostinger. Her, it’s going to be up the vast majority of the time, which means your site is going to be online when you expect it to be.

4. Speed

hostinger speed review reviews coupon promo code

Speed, like uptime speed, is a critical part of your website. Studies show that if your customers have time to run to the restroom before your page loads. They’re probably not going to return to your page; they’ll return from the bathroom, though.

This isn’t a problem you’re likely to encounter as hostinger. Your speed ranks at or near the top of the market. The hostinger provider boasts that its sites have an average response time of 143 milliseconds.

This isn’t a surprise, given that it has data centers on multiple continents around the world. I prefer hostinger providers that don’t limit their data centers to only one country or continent. Having servers worldwide means all traffic on my site should have a similar experience with load times.

It also doesn’t hurt that hostinger has a robust knowledge base that allows you to find ways to improve your website speed. A quick search for speed results in content that walks users through caching. Image scaling and site optimization.

5. Customer Support

hostinger customer support review reviews coupon promo code

Customer support one last area I’d like to briefly touch on before we get the hostinger’s back end is customer support. Something I’ve noticed with many hosting sites nowadays that they don’t offer phone support.

hostinger her is no different. I prefer to talk to a person, but I get that not everyone feels the same way. That doesn’t mean that hosting or can’t help you. You have access to 24 7 chat support.

So anytime you have a problem, you can reach out and get a prompt reply. You can also send an email or log a support ticket if you don’t have time to chat with someone or if you’re the type of person who’s obstinate and stubborn.

hostinger also has a robust knowledge base where you can search for your platform—just kidding about the stubborn part. hostinger does have a wide variety of walkthroughs and guides for any problem you might run into.

I mean problems with your website any other issues you’ll have to figure out on your own sorry. Last thing I promise, and then we’ll move on to hostinger’s back end.

While we’re talking about back ends today, I want to know what else you look for when deciding what hosting provider to go with. Is it speed up time exceptional quality service something else entirely.

6. Interface & Ease Of Use

hostinger Interface & Ease Of Use review reviews coupon promo code

The hostinger user interface is relatively fast and straightforward to navigate for beginners. For example, you can automatically create a website from scratch by clicking on Manage next year plan, navigating to auto-installers, and choosing one of the options.

They offer more than WordPress; for example, you can choose PhpBB. If you’re creating a forum or open cart, if you’re making an e-commerce store, there’s plenty of options for different kinds of sites.

To install the software, click on it, choose the settings you want, and click Install. After some time, boom, your website is online on the internet. And you can work on design content and stuff like that pretty much everything you need is located in the hostinger of the control panel.

For example, you can also create a custom email address by navigating to the Email section. And in seconds, you have a custom email box using your website name. Pretty neat. And of course, you still have all of these standard features like File Manager, database manager.

And one of the newest additions that only got added in 2020 is the website dashboard function where you can manage your website backups, plugins, updates, or activate the maintenance mode while on users will see that your site is being updated. And you can do all of this without even logging in into your WordPress site.

7. Cpanel [Hpanel]

hostinger cpanel [hpanel] review reviews coupon promo code

Several other hosting sites hostinger uses Cpanel for its backend management. Cpanel is a viral control panel for web hosting. But that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect solution for everyone.

hostinger knows this and goes out of its way to make things as easy as possible for its users. This is evident in the Cpanel tutorial the provider offers to anyone who needs help. However, you’ll quickly discover that hosting or uses is a streamlined version of Cpanel called hpanel.

You’ll get all the same functionality you’ve come to expect from other providers that use a traditional version of Cpanel, with some unique differences. For example, when you want to add email accounts with Cpanel, you have to click through several windows to get to your SMTP pop3 information.

hostinger cuts out all the clicks and provides the information with just a single click. Additionally, hostinger makes it quicker to configure your redirects. Easier to manage your DNS zones and more straightforward to create a MySQL database.

The good news here is that if you know your way around Cpanel. You’ll have no trouble with what hostinger has to offer. There are some differences that I want to point out, though, for starters, Cpanel auto-installs used softaculous.

The software lets you set up your staging version, manage your backup schedule, and clone your site even though the panel offers a tremendous auto-install experience for its users.

It doesn’t have these extra features that you get with softaculous. You may also discover that some other features available with Cpanel are missing with hpanel. These include mailing lists and filters.

If you don’t use or need these features, the hpanel will work fine for you along these same lines siteground, one of the most popular hosting sites available uses a particular version of Cpanel it calls crystal.

Like hostinger, the siteground has made some visual changes to the dashboard. But it also adds features that aren’t currently available with the traditional version of Cpanel. by comparison, Dreamhost uses the backend it developed in-house.

Suppose you’ve used any version of Cpanel. You might have some trouble navigating DreamHost’s control panel. It’s not that it’s challenging to use; it’s just different. Some people like it, some people don’t. I like to stick with what I know.

Overall I’d say that hostinger’s back end is excellent for those who like things streamlined and simple. Why click three times when one will do work smarter, not harder, right. You’ll lose out on some functionality available with the traditional version of Cpanel. but who needs all that extra stuff anyway, right

8. domain name

hostinger domain review reviews coupon promo code

You can also use hostinger to buy your domain name if you don’t already own one. Domain prices start at 99 cents per month and go up from there, depending on the extension you want to use. The most common option, .com, will cost you 8.99 USD per month.

Additionally, you can hide your whois information by purchasing a hostinger’s domain privacy plan. All you have to do is choose the domain you want to protect and select order when you see would you like to keep this information private.

The protection from hostinger will run you five dollars a year for each domain you want to register at. Hostinger is a great hosting choice with a definite back end.

Many people like hostinger her because it offers an interface similar to what they experience with Cpanel. With a streamlined process, of course, it doesn’t provide some of the more in-depth features you’ll get with a traditional Cpanel dashboard. But it’s still a great option if you’re looking for a hosting provider.

hostinger Pros & Cons

Hostinger a possibly the cheapest web host on the market today and learn about the pros and cons.


Hostinger Pros review reviews coupon promo code

A huge advantage that often gets overlooked is that you get to decide where your servers’ physical location is. Meaning you know which continent your files are being stored on when you’re first setting up your website.

Hostinger has data centers

Hostinger has data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia. So if you know that your users will be from the United States, choose the US data centers. If you expect people from Europe, choose the European data centers.

Well, you get the idea. I mean, by this, not every single web hosting company lets you choose the data servers. So having the physical location selected by you allows you to get better performance for your users.


Hostinger Cons review reviews coupon promo code

And obviously, no company or service is without flaws. Hostinger can’t escape this as well. And not offering 24 seven chat support for free at the moment is sadly one of them.

Another notable annoyance is that every single element in the control panel seems to load separately, and the loading time for some parts is relatively high. So be prepared to see these loading bars quite a lot when navigating your panel.

Moving on, these still have their weekly sales as these sales happen every week, and every week, they are different. Some weeks, you get an SSL for free other ways to get the domain for free.

You get the point; I wish they would just let you choose which kind of service you want for free without having to wait for these weekly sales and for the timer to run down. But it is what it is.

So I’ve been using Hostinger for quite a long time. Now I would say like years. And other than these small things, I haven’t noticed anything that grinds my gears; the service, on average for the price that I’m paying, is excellent.

And by the way, there’s a way you can get an SSL certificate for free. Anyways, I’ll leave a guide for that at the top right now.

Hostinger promo coupon code

Hostinger coupon promo code review reviews

And as always, I want to let you know that the links down below are coupon promo code and affiliate links, meaning if you buy anything through them, I’ll make a commission—an impressive 50% extra discount on any web hosting cloud hosting Hostinger.


hostinger Recommendation review reviews coupon promo code

In my opinion, Hostinger is still one of the best choices for web hosting. And there’s a reason why they grew so fast, their prices are meager, the performance is better than ever, and they give you plenty of features to manage your site, and they keep adding more.

And they finally added an option for a high-end website through their cloud hosting plans. Now indeed, everyone can find what they need in terms of hosting for a fraction of the cost. No matter if you’re hosting a portfolio or a highly crucial online store.