Hostgator Vs Godaddy [which one is amazing]

Both hostgator vs godaddy had been around the block for a long time, and have showcased what a true hosting experience should feel like.

They have set the fundamentals and expectations of what a service should provide, including features that far surpass simple hosting.

In this review, I’ll be going over both of them and hopefully give you the right insight into the services. So the next time you choose a web host, you do it right.

Hostgator Vs Godaddy [Which One Is Amazing]
  • Uptime And Speed (Hostgator)
  • Uptime And Speed (GoDaddy)
  • Customer Support (Hostgator)
  • Customer Support (GoDaddy)
  • Features (Hostgator)
  • Features (GoDaddy)
  • Pricing (Hostgator)
  • Pricing (GoDaddy)

hostgator vs godaddy

Uptime And Speed4/55/5
Customer Support4/54/5
Pricing Options4/54/5

When it comes to the general knowledge you’ll commonly find about these two hosting providers is the fact that they’ve been in the industry for a long time and both offer 99.9% uptime and 45 day money back guarantee when you first sign up for any of their services or packages.

Both of them have a well established online community filled with tutorials as well which can help you set everything up the main difference As the following

  • GoDaddy performs backups and malware scans on the daily basis
  • Hostgator performs backups and malware scans on a weekly basis.

So right off the bat, GoDaddy seems to have the upper hand. Well, it gets a wee bit more complicated than that.

1. uptime and speed

North America1.19 seconds0.89 seconds
Europe2.06 seconds0.91 seconds
Australia2.83 seconds1.93 seconds

Do you know those video games titled Need for Speed, they gained a lot of popularity due to the fact that they truly gave you a sense of well speed. The same translates into online web hosting, the faster your page feels, the better the users experience visiting the site.

The last thing you want is someone with a low attention span to leave the page after it refuses to load after three seconds, I do it. For this comparison, we’ll be using the cheapest packages from both hosts

hostgator From North America you can expect a loading time of 1.19 seconds from Europe 2.06 seconds and from Australia 2.83 seconds.

GoDaddy from North America you can expect a loading time of zero point eight nine seconds from Europe 0.91 seconds and from Australia 1.93 seconds.

This is a huge difference and it puts GoDaddy in a great advantage in terms of speed.

Both of them attempt to be online 99.9% of the time and are pretty solid with this claim. Keep in mind that in order to get a better speed compromises had to be made elsewhere.

2. customer support

What about customer support, differences are there and here are a few of them.

  • Hostgator offers email, phone and live chat support with video tutorials and FAQ pages.
  • GoDaddy also has the option to engage in a live chat with the support team while also providing email support and an FAQ page.

There isn’t much difference here, as both services are praised online for their excellent support team and just a huge variety of different video tutorials available to be watched and understood by even the newest newbie on the block. You’ll be up and running in no time.

3. features

When it comes to the extra features on Hostgator you get one click WordPress install through cPanel free WordPress slash cPanel. website transfer, both domain and hosting can be gained from the same service saving you time in the process. You also get a free SSL certificate a free domain name if you get a 12 month plan and unlimited storage capacity, although this can vary per package.

On GoDaddy, you get one click WordPress install through cPanel, GoDaddy domain registration and unmerited bandwidth. With the annual plan your domain name comes free of charge.

4. pricing options

Coming to how much you will be spending on any of these services

Hostgator offers & Pricing

Hostgator offers a total of four packages including Website Builder

1.Starter package$3 and 38 cents
2.WordPress hosting starter package$5 and 95 cents
3.VPS hosting starter package$19 and 95 cents
4.Dedicated server hosting$9 and 98 cents

starter package at $3 and 38 cents free domain name drag and drop builder customizable templates website analytics free SSL certificate

WordPress hosting starter package at $5 and 95 cents For a month where you get one site 100,000 views per month, one gigabyte of backup storage, a free SSL certificate and free domain name

VPS hosting starter package at $19 and 95 cents per month gets you a system with two gigabytes of RAM, two core CPU 120 gigabytes of disk space and 1.5 terabytes of bandwidth.

dedicated server hosting at $9 and 98 cents per month gets you a four core eight thread Intel Xeon D CPU with eight gigabytes of RAM, one terabyte of HDD storage and unmerited bandwidth.

You also have the choice of choosing either a Linux or Windows Server based operating system. Now that’s like getting your own server for domain hosting installed but way cheaper.

GoDaddy offers & Pricing

GoDaddy offers a total of five hosting plans intended to fill everyone’s specific needs including

1.shared hosting$2 and 99 cents
2.WordPress hosting$4 and 99 cents
3.Business hosting plan$19 and 99 cents
4.Dedicated server hosting$89 and 99 cents
5.VPS hosting

shared hosting plan starts from $2 and 99 cents per month is intended for small and personal sites, you get 24 cents And support 100 gigabytes of storage on merited bandwidth, free business email and a free domain name.

WordPress hosting plan starts at $4 and 99 cents does as the name implies, it is optimized for use with WordPress.

While WordPress does work with any plan, this plan has specific features like auto update. You are however capped at 25,000 visitors per month with the basic package, single website and 10 gigabytes of storage.

Business hosting plan starts at $19 and 99 cents as virtual private server hosting, you get access to 60 gigabytes of dedicated storage, two gigabytes of dedicated RAM and a single core processing unit with the basic package but can jump to 150 gigabytes, eight gigabytes of RAM and a quad core processor for $59 and 99 cents a month.

VPS hosting which gives you access to 40 gigabytes of storage to begin with two gigabytes of RAM and a single processing unit.

Dedicated server hosting, you get one terabyte of storage and four gigabytes of RAM on a dedicated server for $89 and 99 cents a month.

This is an overall well rounded selection and should fill the needs of just about anyone.

hostgator vs godaddy winner

While Hostgator and GoDaddy offer competent solutions, they’re too close to one another to truly pick a winner.

They both offer similar packages and features and should set you off on a grand adventure within the digital world.

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