Hostgator Dns Records change And Configuration Google Search Console [Point Godaddy]

I will show you how to Hostgator DNS host records editor and configuration google search console nameservers GoDaddy.

change Hostgator DNS (automatically and manually)

hostgator login

Change HostGator DNS (automatically and manually), So here we are at We can log in here to our customer portal using our email address and password.

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1.change Hostgator DNS (automatically)

hostgator Domains section

The left-hand side and click on the Domains section.

Here we can see all the domains that I have registered on my Hostgator account.

If I want to check out a new one, I can do that here at Register a Domain. If I bought a domain somewhere else and I want to transfer the registration to Hostgator, I can click up here on the right-hand side to do it as well.

hostgator manage Domains More tab

Let’s take a look at the ‘More‘ tab, and we can see additional information about the domain.

hostgator nameservers

We can see here at the top right-hand side we have our Name Servers, and these are the essential part of a domain because they essentially tell the internet where to look for your content.

You can think of it as your home address for your domain. Each plan you have here with HostGator, whether it’s a Shared account or Reseller or a Cloud, will have a different set of Name Servers.

When you register a domain right out of the gate, we’re always going to put these default Name Servers and on there, which will point you to a page and give you more instructions on how to change your Name Servers.

hostgator manage Domains Change

so let’s click on ‘Change.’

Here we have two different options. We can automatically point the domain to a hosting account here. Or we can manually set the Name Servers. I’ll show you how to do it both ways.

If you click the option for ‘Automatically point my domain to my hosting account,’ it defaults to the package that you have on your plan. So I’ve got one here, which is a Shared hosting account.

Click that, and it automatically puts the Name Servers that I need into the Name Server section—no need to go and grab anything extra.

Once I have that set, and I’m sure that’s the right package, I click ‘Save,’ and after a few moments, you’ll notice these bars turn green, and the domain has essentially been pointed at that time.

Now it will take 24 to 48 hours for your domain to update across the web. That’s called propagation. As soon as you change your Name Servers, you may not see the domain take effect immediately. Sometimes it will take a little bit of time.

2.change Hostgator DNS (manually)

Now that you know how to point it automatically, I’ll show you how to grab your Name Servers in the hosting portal and inside the cPanel.

hostgator Hosting tab

We’ll go back up here into the Hosting tab.

hostgator Hosting packages Manage

We’ll click on ‘Manage‘ for the plan that I want to look at.

This takes us to a good option overview, so I can see the type of plan that it is when it’s going to renew, the current price, and then up here at the top, if I click this question mark (?), it’s going to show me the Name Servers for this account.

Now I can copy this information over if I ever need to set it manually.

Let’s go inside the cPanel for it, and I’ll show you how you can get your Name Servers there as well.

hostgator Launch cPanel

Let’s go back to the dashboard. I’ll scroll down. I can see hosting packages here for the Shared Business account. Click ‘Launch cPanel,’ and this will take you directly to your cPanel back-end.

hostgator cpanel nameservers copy

Now, if we scroll down here on the right-hand side, underneath General Information, I can see I have a primary Name Server and a secondary Name Server, so I could take these and copy them in and put them in manually if I wanted to.

hostgator dns manually

Once that is copied over, go back to our Customer Portal into the Domains section, go back down and click ‘More.’ You can see the Name Server changes have already been made when I automatically pointed it. Still, if I wanted to set them manually, I could always come in here and paste the ones I needed to.

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HostGator DNS configuration Google search Console

I want to show you how to Hostgator DNS configuration google search console.

hostgator dns configuration google search console
  1. Google search console click add properties.
  2. Select property type enters domain name click continues.
  3. Click copy TXT record.
  4. Go over to the Hostgator control panel, click advanced zone editor.
  5. Advanced zone editor selects a domain.
  6. Advanced zone editor adds a record.

point godaddy domain to hostgator

I’m going to show you how to connect your GoDaddy to your Hostgator hosting nameservers.

hostgator nameservers godaddy
  1. Hostgator go to your cPanel clicking launch cPanel.
  2. Scroll down; you’ll see here nameservers.
  3. Go to your GoDaddy account.
  4. Click Manage Domains.
  5. Go to the option of your Domain Settings.
  6. Scroll down and click Manage DNS.
  7. Click the Nameservers Change Button.
  8. Copy Hostgator cPanel two nameservers.
  9. Paste GoDaddy Nameservers.
  10. Click Save.
What are HostGator nameservers?

HostGator nameservers

How long does a DNS change take?

it will take 24 to 48 hours.

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