How To Set Up Cloudflare for HostGator on Namecheap

Set Up Cloudflare for Hostgator on Namecheap

I Will Show You How To Set Up Cloudflare for Hostgator on Namecheap.

  1. First Domain Name Register I used Namecheap.
  2. HostGator create an account and then go to the portal login and launch cPanel.
  3. Copy cPanel IP address.
  4. First log in Cloudflare and Click Add Site.
  5. Next 0 Confirm Plan Click.
  6. Create DNS Recors – A record (cPanel IP address Paste) and CNAME record and Click Continue.
  7. Now Cloudflare Name Servers And copy these.
  8. Now go back to Namecheap and click Domain tab.
  9. Go to name servers click it to custom DNS to put the first one in from CloudFlare the second one.
  10. Go back and finish out CloudFlare continue and go to this is just an extra thing go to crypto and you’re gonna switch it to flexible that’s gonna give you HTTPS.