GlowHost Review: Pricing, Features, Security, Storage, Support

GlowHost Review and Our Verdict










About a Review of a Hosting Company Named Called GlowHost. If you question me will I host my website with them for half a year? I will say yes if you ask me why I will say their support representative is a real human. GlowHost They are not popular but upon testing they can be considered as better than most popular hosting.


Okay, let’s start the GlowHost Reviews pricing most people argue about the price especially new combos and know very little about Shared Web Hosting (Free 2 Months). though they offer a 91 days guarantee or get your money back we pay for hosting because you want our website published live on the internet without any issues. we don’t want to deal with command costs on liners we don’t want to deal with website down for hours we don’t want to deal with website being hacked we know that they will slow us apart and known to slow loading websites.

Share Hosting sometimes shady because they do not show that as that resources are being shared all promising features we sometimes end up is high. you cannot know the quality you’re being offered before trying them. in terms of price closer consider expensive than the average market price but in terms of support uptime and speed I could hardly pick up an issue of them you pay what you get.

Anyway there are four different share hosting options over here I don’t find a very much difference. the differences between unlimited and personal or professional is the calling to the saying unlimited is for storage users well personal and professional space are rotated.


GlowHost Web Hosting Features List

1. cPanel

cPanel is a graphical user interface Hosting Control Panel It is designed to ease user to change and configure the setting on your hosting offering utilities like file managers domain management’s traffic law database reason emailing and more is a relief for user who having difficulties dealing with command lines.

2. CloudLinux

CloudLinux is a software that distribute resources evenly Say for example, there are two user needs share hosting package user areas if a sudden spike of traffic we should all other social resources by right these will affect and causes slow down all user under the same shirt. So with these feature Cloudlinus only user a will suffer the slowdown other user remain and the fact that which is pretty critical.

3. Disk Space

GlowHost Diskspace by default limited storage is always buy with certain terms and condition like Fair Use Agreement. They are never unlimited storage Not a single host of them. the reason why and so these ways cosmos is mostly laying on the properties of the heartbeats SSD and rate are known for faster read and write has a faster loading website. GlowHost money transfer which actually is data bandwidth Kota.

4. Free Domain

GlowHost free domain registration Global’s they provide a free domain for any blog package no matter the billing cycle, unlimited domain, which means the number of domain name you’re allowed to host on their soul.

5. Free SSL

Free Private SSL cert, which enable HTTPS on your domain providing a better secure connection than HTTP. They use this SSL which automatically enable SSL while your domain is integrated on their platform as SSL encrypted email after Control Panel These options are common coupling along most hosting by default.

6. Storage

3x redundant file storage GlowHost provide daily and weekly backup in case of site get hacked or perhaps they accidentally deleted some important files on your website. Neve rmind you can choose a specific date of the last backup and restore them.

7. Mcafee Secure

Mcafee Secure which is a cert in image file mostly attached on header or footer.

8. Cloudfare

Cloudfare with real gun a CDN also known as content delivery network. This feature helps you to save bandwidth RAM usage and speed up on sending media files like videos and pictures.

9. Free SEO Tools

GlowHost offers you free SEO Tools.

10. Web Apps

WordPress and hundreds of other web apps, I believe is softaculous which is a software that simplifies the installation of other open source software like WordPress and PrestaShop.

11. Setup and Activation

Instant Setup and Activation; which is kind of stunning you’ll receive your hosting login details the moment the payment is paid. Most hosting will manually set up an account which some challenges a setup fee of $ there are nothing much.

GlowHost Support

When dealing with issue support is critical. You have no choice but opening a support ticket. The waiting time may sometimes issue it could be hours half a day or a couple of days on I personally think glowhost has quick support compared to other giant hosting provider.


In conclusion, the may not be as popular as other giant hosting provider in the market but the quality of Shared Web Hosting, PHPmotion Web Hosting so the providers will try low horse provide an early one day guarantee and get your money back.