eUKhost Review – Everything You Need To Know About

this is an official eukhost review their high-performance cloud in the United Kingdom.

They are solid web hosting company geared toward the United Kingdom audience because their servers are in the United Kingdom.

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eukhost was started by Robert King in 2001, when he was 15 years old. So, they are they use data centers facilities in the UK.

They have a wide range of packages from a site builder, right up to private cloud provision. Linux in Windows hosting is available.

The former can be purchased with cPanel or as a pure WordPress hosting package. So, they have all that basic stuff that you need.

eUKhost Review
  • Data Centers
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Customer Support

eukhost data centers

They also have their infrastructure is data centers, like I have mentioned before are in the United Kingdom.

And currently has around 1200 servers spread over three sites uses one facility in Wakefield you know some other ones got south of two facilities in the south of Maidenhead and Nottingham you know where that is.

They also operate some many in India have some Indian offices.

money back guarantee

One thing about them is they offer a money back guarantee cancellation policy. A company has a 30-day money back guarantee policy after the initial order date.

Customer Support

Beyond that customers can claim a partial refund unused on their contract. You do not have to pay for a long contract up front. So, you know just to get down to the finale here.

Customers that require eukhost will likely be attracted to eukhost. Unlike some competitors the company generally uses UK only data centers and should therefore provide good speeds for a UK audience.

Although it is a relatively small host, its longevity and range of packages suggests a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Additionally, 24/7 support is quite rare in the UK, eukhost has leveraged its Indian presence well in ensuring there is always someone on hand to help.

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